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Choice of hooks

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Choice of hooks

There are some homes with small rooms,If the fry accumulates, the whole space will be very chaotic. 

In addition to the daily use of our cabinets and storage boxes. There is a tool that we often use to store clutter. Yes, it is the hook.

So what kind of scenes need to choose how to choose the hook?

Let LXiang give you recommendations today!


1. Solid corrosion-resistant zinc alloy hooks

As we all know, the bathroom environment is in the most humid space in the whole family. 

If we choose iron products or products made of materials that are not resistant to corrosion. 

Then these products will rust in the future for some time, and as a result, their quality will deteriorate. 

Therefore, in a humid environment like the bathroom we must go for products that do not corrode 

and rust easily. The zinc alloy material is very suitable for this kind of environment. Zinc alloy material 

itself has a very strong corrosion and oxygen resistance.


2. Choose the hook with high bearing capacity

There are some plastic hooks or sticky hooks in daily life,such products are unable to carry too 

heavy objects. Like the winter coat. Men's shoulder bag. Once the object exceeds 3-4 kg many of the

 above hooks will fall off because of insufficient load-bearing capacity. So, in the early installation, 

if there are some places to hang heavy objects. Then I recommend must be to choose a double hook 

with perforated type. Such products have good load-bearing capacity and durability. You can hang

 heavy objects without any worries. Add a neat and tidy for your home and make your life more comfortable.


3. Determine the appearance according to the environment

Nowadays, there are more and more hooks to choose from, and we can choose hooks according to the environment.

 Give the hook decorative attributes. Like children's rooms we can choose hooks with more beautiful appearance.

 As a company that specializes in the design and production of hooks, we are able to offer a wide range of hooks for consumers' reference.

If you are interested in purchasing hooks, please do not hesitate to contact us after reading this article.O1CN01JdgPnX2DH498ef10t_!!2212698138583-0-cib


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