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  • Why choose Lxiang? Our advantages!
    Why choose Lxiang? Our advantages!Lxiang makes customers satisfied all the time via a full range of service, including design service, product sampling, research, and development quality control delivery . I. DESIGN SERVICEOur team has about 10 years of high-quality hardware products experience, pro
  • Choice of hooks
    There are some homes with small rooms,If the fry accumulates, the whole space will be very chaotic. In addition to the daily use of our cabinets and storage boxes. There is a tool that we often use to store clutter. Yes, it is the hook.So what kind of scenes need to choose how to choose the hook?Let
  • Different materials of products !
    As we all know, most of the handles and hooks are made of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy.So what is the difference between these two materials?Today, lxiang to popularize the difference between these two materials.Zinc alloy in the manufacturing process of good mobility, can be die-cast complex shape
  • Lxiang ,Always making progress
    Lxiang under the epidemic
  • What are the advantages of intelligent door locks 
    What are the advantages of intelligent door locks
  • Minimalist style hook,Change your life and decorate your house
    What are the advantages of zinc alloy hooks? Compared with non-marking hooks and sticky hooks with self-adhesive glue, the way of perforation of zinc alloy hooks is stronger and can carry more items. The former may hang some heavy bags and it will fall off automatically and it is very likely to dama
  • Competitive products of Lxiang!
    Competitive products of Lxiang!Lxiang's hot selling products:First of all, we recommend it from the iron handle!This product is one of the products with the most inquiries and orders from customers in our inquiry process in recent years.Simple and easy to install. We produce specifications that meet
  • What kind of hardware manufacturer is Liangxiang?
    What kind of hardware manufacturer is Liangxiang? LXIANG supplies a complete line of top-quality door hardware including door handles, hook, hinge, thumb lock, and other household hardware accessories with full experience of more than 10 years. we are proud of our quality performance and the cost-e
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The Story Of Us
    As a company that has been deeply involved in the hardware industry for many years, we have always focused on the product itself. We pursue to meet the various needs of customers for products, and to solve the fit and consistency of hardware products in the house with furniture, walls and cabinets for the whole house. Let more people feel comfortable and convenient in their homes because of our products.
    We welcome any style of feasible co-working join in!

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