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Competitive products of Lxiang!

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Competitive products of Lxiang!

Lxiang's hot selling products:

First of all, we recommend it from the iron handle!


This product is one of the products with the most inquiries and orders from customers in our inquiry process in recent years.

Simple and easy to install. We produce specifications that meet the needs of our customers.

 This product has been highly praised by the general consumers. 

          Over the past few years, many customers have placed orders many times. This product is very popular in Europe and parts of 

Asia.The second one is our aluminum handle


             This type of handle is very popular with our buyers. It is very exquisite. It is applicable to cabinets, coat racks, bathroom cabinet    doors and other places where small handles are required.Installation and disassembly are very simple. Of course,

The price is also very favorable.The classic design and reasonable price make this product at the top of the sales list.

Section 3

 As a hardware manufacturing company, we not only have the production line of handles. Hook is also one of our main products.

The next step is to recommend some classic hooks.


First of all, we introduce you to an all black hook. The shape is simple. It can bear 10kg when installed on the wall.

You can install it on the portal. You can use it to hang daily clothes, bags, or objects that can be hung.You can make full use 

of the space in the room.

I believe that this product is very competitive in the family. If you see here, do you feel excited.

Buyers! look! For a one-time order of 2000+ we will give you the lowest price.

Today we will introduce these three popular products, hoping to help you choose.


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    As a company that has been deeply involved in the hardware industry for many years, we have always focused on the product itself. We pursue to meet the various needs of customers for products, and to solve the fit and consistency of hardware products in the house with furniture, walls and cabinets for the whole house. Let more people feel comfortable and convenient in their homes because of our products.
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