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Different materials of products !

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Different materials of products !

As we all know, most of the handles and hooks are made of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy.

So what is the difference between these two materials?


Today, lxiang to popularize the difference between these two materials.

Zinc alloy in the manufacturing process of good mobility, can be die-cast complex shapes, 

manufacturing products with a smooth surface can be surface treatment. For example, we commonly electroplating, 

spray painting, polishing and grinding. High abrasion resistance

Also the corrosion resistance of the manufactured products is good.


So, when we manufacture hooks and handles we can usually see various types and colors of products, 

all thanks to the excellent conditions of zinc alloy itself.

On the other hand, aluminum alloy has low density and is relatively strong. 

It is close to high quality steel. The quality of the product itself is good while the weight 

is lighter compared to other materials. The corrosion resistance and oxygen resistance of 

aluminum alloy itself is also extremely high. So it is also widely used in handles and hooks.

All the hooks and handles in Lxiang factory are made of high quality zinc alloy and aluminum

 alloy in order to produce products that meet customers' standards.

 Our products stand the test of time and customers.

Lxiang Zinc Alloy Drawer HandleYM0093 (6)


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