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What kind of hardware manufacturer is Liangxiang?

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What kind of hardware manufacturer is Liangxiang?




supplies a complete line of top-quality door hardware including door handles, hook, hinge, thumb lock, 

and other household hardware accessories with full experience of more than 10 years. 

we are proud of our quality performance and the cost-effective&competitive price



We are sure to be able to meet your OEM/ODM requirement. design services are available for your customization needs.

So if youre looking for a stable supplier of quality hardware keep us at the top of your sourcing list contact us today for more information.


We sincerely hope to make good cooperation with all the customer's worldwide for a brilliant future.


The Story Of Us
    As a company that has been deeply involved in the hardware industry for many years, we have always focused on the product itself. We pursue to meet the various needs of customers for products, and to solve the fit and consistency of hardware products in the house with furniture, walls and cabinets for the whole house. Let more people feel comfortable and convenient in their homes because of our products.
    We welcome any style of feasible co-working join in!

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